Debt and Your Home

Your home is probably your most valuable asset. Protecting it is our biggest priority.

It’s possible to use the value in your home to help with debt, but this does put your home at risk.

Before you enter into an agreement with Creditfix, we’ll assess your property to see if we can approve an arrangement based on its attributes, but only if this doesn’t put your property at risk. If it does, we’ll work with you to find an alternative solution.

Dealing with debt is complex at the best of times and bringing a property into the equation can make things more complicated. It’s always important to consider all available options, so we’ll work with you to closely assess the criteria of each solution before agreeing a way forward to deal with your debts. Find out more about debts and your home below.


Equity Release

Mortgage Arrears

Negative Equity 


Rented Accommodation 


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