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5 Surprising things that DON’T affect your credit score


5 Surprising things that DON’T affect your credit score

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We have compiled a list of things that are commonly believed to negatively impact your credit score but in actual fact have no impact on your likelihood of being accepted for credit.

What doesn’t affect your credit score?

 1. Using a debit card or prepaid card

These transactions won’t affect your credit score or show up on your report as you are using money you already have and not borrowing credit.

 2. Checking your credit report

This comes as a surprise to most people but checking your credit score doesn’t affect your score. It does leave a mark on your report but this can’t be seen by lenders. So you should definitely check your score regularly to make sure it is correct.

3. Your income

Most lenders will ask you for your income when making an application – so it can affect whether or not you’re accepted for credit. However, your salary doesn’t affect your score or appear on your credit report.

4. The credit score of the people you live with

If your partner/relative or friend has a poor credit score this won’t have an impact on your score. However if you share any financial connections such as a joint account, mortgage or loan, their name can appear on your credit report which could affect the likelihood of you being able to get credit.

5. Your outgoings

At the moment, general outgoings such as council tax and utilities don’t appear on your credit report or affect your score. However, some companies are starting to share this data with credit companies, so within the next few years if you make any late payments on your bills, this may affect your credit score.

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