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Airport parking costs go sky high: which airports are most expensive? article
Airport parking costs go sky high: which airports are most expensive? article

If you’re lucky enough to be going on holiday this year it can be easy for budgets to slip when you’ve earned a well-deserved break.

But everything’s getting more expensive right now, from tea bags and olive oil, to date nights and hotel stays – and that ever-growing list now includes airport parking.

These additional costs for parking will only take more money from people’s holiday budget, at the same time as families are needing to spend an additional 19% on package holidays.

Creditfix analysis looked at the average parking cost for a two week stay across the UK’s most popular airports – with parking for the average stay now setting you back £167.32, up from £90 last year!

It will likely come as no surprise that a London airport was up there as one of the priciest; Gatwick Airport was found to have the biggest increase, after costs rose from £93 to £343 – a huge 268% rise.

Behind Gatwick, Birmingham and Edinburgh Airports saw the next highest levels of increase at a whopping 207% – £179.75 and £113.66 respectively.

Newcastle Airport came out as the cheapest airport to park at, coming in at £110.80, and the second cheapest was Prestwick at £112.66 – but still, nothing is available for under £100.

Layla Johnson, regional manager at Creditfix, shares her top tips for avoiding debt as the summer holidays approach.

Why choose

Why choose Creditfix?

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Consider different modes of transport

If you don’t have the luxury of being able to book parking well in advance, it could be worth considering whether driving, getting a train, a bus, or even ridesharing is an option for you. Coaches can be really cost effective , and whilst train prices have gone up recently it could work out cheaper than parking fees and petrol. Many trains and bus services allow free travel for up to two children under five, too.


Start saving early

It’s never too early to start saving. Create a savings countdown to make it still feel exciting. If you can save little and often, you could have a tidy sum set aside for your next holiday.


Be honest about your personal situation

For many, social media only increases the pressure to spend on a holiday but remember that the cost of living crisis is hitting millions of people across the country. Building levels of unaffordable debts can have massive implications down the line, so it’s important to be honest about your finances and look at the bigger picture.


How much could airport parking cost?

Creditfix has broken down the average cost of popular airports parking fees, comparing 2023 to 2022:


Airport 2022 2023 % Increase
London City £188 £195.33 3%
Manchester £130.11 £136.50 4%
Heathrow £119.56 £283 136%
Southend £112.10 £160 42%
Liverpool £98.55 £142.80 44%
Cardiff £96.72 £140.25 45%
Southampton Port £95.99 £162.72 69%
Bristol £93.10 £208.25 123%
Gatwick £93 £343 268%
Aberdeen £91.99 £129.74 41%
Inverness £90 £157.33 74%
Newcastle £83.21 £110.80 33%
Prestwick £83 £112.66 35%
Exeter £80.39 £131.83 63%
Bournemouth £79.60 £137.37 72%
Stansted £73.32 £142.88 94%
Leeds Bradford £68 £196 188%
Luton £65.66 £181 175%
Birmingham £58.49 £179.75 207%
Glasgow £53.99 £148.89 175%
Edinburgh £36.99 £113.66 207%
Average £90 £167.32 85%


If you’re struggling with the rising costs and are worried about falling into debt, you’re not alone. Get in touch with the team at Creditfix where we can discuss the options available to take back control over your debt, including a Debt Relief Order (DRO), Debt Management Plan or an IVA.

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We looked at the parking websites at the most popular airports in the UK and worked out the parking cost based on a two-week stay from the first Saturday of April, and an average of costs of multiple parking options.

We compared this with the same data from last year, which was obtained through Evans Halshaw.


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