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BBC Three Highlight the Realities of Money Struggles with #DebtWeek


BBC Three Highlight the Realities of Money Struggles with #DebtWeek

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BBC Three has launched #DebtWeek to explore the underlying issues that led to a young man taking his own life over traffic fines that he couldn’t afford to pay, a story which will be told in its new programme, ‘Killed By My Debt’.

The programme which is available on BBC iPlayer will focus on the life of 19-year-old Jerome Rogers, who in January 2015 got a new motorbike and his first real job as a courier. After struggling to pay two £65 traffic fines, the penalties quickly grew to over one thousand pounds. Struggling to cope with the growing pressure of his mounting debts, Jerome took his own life.

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Debt week

Both the programme and #DebtWeek have been launched to create a conversation around what can be considered a taboo subject, and an issue that can be hard to talk about, let alone seek help for.

This difficulty in seeking help was something experienced by Creditfix customer, Lisa from Chorley. She suffered for 10 years with building pressures from debt before seeking help through an IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement). Working part-time in a supermarket whilst caring for her disabled Mum, Lisa’s debt soon built up to £19,000.

A combination of loans to cover a car, mortgage repayments, only a part-time job and with a disabled family member to care for, 32-year-old Lisa struggled to keep up with repayments she couldn’t afford. After losing her home and having to move to her Grandma’s, depression began to set in and so she decided to act with Creditfix.

Don’t Suffer in Silence

Now on the path to getting a hold of her finances, and benefitting from an IVA with Creditfix, Lisa has money for herself and has no pressures from her creditors.

Recent figures from Creditfix and its Personal Debt Index (PDI) reveal the mounting scale of unsecured debt among the UK population. Those that fall into Lisa’s age bracket (30-37) begin to notice their personal debt gradually starting to grow, often due to factors such as:

  • beginning to start a family
  • buying a house
  • getting married

In this bracket, only 10 per cent of people own their own home, with purchasing becoming more and more difficult.

The average amount of unsecured debt for Lisa’s age bracket stands at £28,341, which means there is likely to be more people out there just like Lisa, facing their own financial troubles. With BBC Three covering Jerome’s tragic story, #DebtWeek serves to remind us how important it is to talk about your finances, rather than suffering in silence.

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