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Creditfix’s Charity Partner for 2019…


Creditfix are delighted to announce Shelter as our charity of the year for 2019!

Shelter’s strategy is to ‘defend the right to a safe home’ by offering advice and legal services for those living in poverty, poor housing and those suffering from homelessness across the UK. They also offer help and advice on unfair rent, discrimination and the threat of eviction. They believe having a safe home, is a fundamental human need, as vital as education or healthcare.

As the UK’s Largest Personal Insolvency Services Provider with over 141,000 clients, we’re in a privileged position whereby we can introduce thousands of people to fantastic housing support that they previously may not have been aware of.

The money raised from our fundraising will enable the charity to reach more children and families in need of help, offering the advice they need to get back on their feet and into a better household.

Paul Mason, CEO of Creditfix, said:

“In our line of work, we meet thousands of families in vulnerable positions, and we understand how circumstances like poor housing can put more pressure on people financially. We want to support everyone experiencing difficulties by helping them receive the best care they can.”

Thanks to the efforts of our staff, £11,644 was raised for our partnered charity last year, The Mental Health Foundation. This was achieved through various fundraising throughout the year, which included hill climbs, a football and golf tournament; bake sales and entrants in The Great Scottish Run.

For 2019, we’ll be working closely with Shetler to not only raise a substantial amount of money for them but to utilise their expertise in supporting those suffering from housing issues within our own customer base.

Georgia Ramplin, Regional Community Fundraiser for Shelter Glasgow added:

“Shelter are so excited to be supported by Creditfix during 2019. The money raised by Creditfix will help to fund the housing advice and support that we are providing to people across the UK who are experiencing housing issues or are affected by homelessness. We’re looking forward to supporting them through their year of fundraising!”

You can find out more about Shelter on their website,

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