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Debt doesn’t limit my options as a business owner

Debt doesn’t limit my options as a business owner

We recently spoke to Lorna about her IVA and how it affects her life and running a business.

I heard about Creditfix through a Google search and Facebook, I think it was Facebook that I actually clicked on and went through to the website and read about the products and services from there.

I read a bit about the company and then read the customer testimonials. After doing this I gave them a call and got in touch, I was a bit sceptical at first.

Because I was a bit apprehensive I wanted to discuss the process in person instead of over the phone. Somebody got in touch with me, came to meet me at the house and go through the process with me to help me with my finances, that was the first meeting.

The advisor then went back and had to wait a couple weeks to get it all sorted, put through and get it ok’d.

I’d say that the process is going really well actually, it’s been a bit of a lifesaver for me to be fair.  I just pay the one sum and don’t have to think about everything.

Before I started to manage my debts with Creditfix my situation was not great, I had quite a bit of debt, I guess compared to others it wasn’t massive but it was about six or seven thousand worth of debt mainly credit cards, loans to get by and store cards.

Now that I’m a single parent and small business owner and I was struggling, to pay everything. There was no way I could catch up. The team at Creditfix has really helped me a lot and got my payments down massively to something manageable.

I’m in an arrangement and about a year through the process, it is so much easier to keep track of my finances. Now it is just one lower payment rather than struggling to pay several different ones each month.

I work part-time in a doctor’s surgery and I also run my own business and website. I have got a treatment room where I do some therapies and I’ve only just recently opened that up so it’s quite new.

Now that Creditfix is working with me to manage my debt it has taken the stress off and lets me concentrate so it really is a positive.

In terms of managing a business whilst in an IVA at the moment I’m ok, I definitely wouldn’t have been able to do it before my IVA, it has helped me to separate the different parts of life and business. My advice to anyone out there who is struggling with their finances would be to talk to Creditix and see what they are able to do for you.

One of the advantages of my IVA is that it protects my assets unlike bankruptcy and I’m glad I did it, I literally just stumbled across it and couldn’t recommend it enough.


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