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Hello From Gail

It’s Gail Porter here, saying a very happy ‘hello’ and welcome to my new blog series with Creditfix.

So, It’s a New Year. How many of you had the wonderful intentions of starting something new, giving something up, changing the world? I guess we all do. How long it lasts though is a very different thing!

I think I went jogging for a week, I browsed tinder and I contemplated taking up the trapeze. (OK, I went to see ‘The Greatest Showman’)

Anyway, none of those ideas stuck long, and Hugh Jackman didn’t respond to any of my love tweets. Odd.

One thing I have given a decent bash at however is ‘juicing’, to help make sure I’m getting lots of lovely nutrients. When I mentioned it to my friends, they seemed to think it was an expensive thing to do. Really, it’s quite the opposite.

To start, I got myself a really cheap blender from the supermarket. There are bonkers expensive ones out there, but I don’t see the need if you want to keep it basic. I wait until the end of the day, when your local markets or supermarkets are selling off the day’s fruit and veg for half the price and ….BOOM, you have got yourself a cheap glass of goodness!

There are so many recipes online and they are very simple to follow. You can do it for a few days, or even a week or so just to have a bit of a boost. Just remember to keep a good look out for decent, cheap fruit and veg. It really is worth it and you feel very proud of yourself as well as most healthy.

Of course, no healthy regime is complete without exercise but when it comes to working out, I can’t afford a gym, as I’m sure most people can’t. I have taken to pounding the pavements. A wee jog to start, or ask a friend if you like company. I prefer to run alone. (OK…I’m slow!)

There are so many charity runs throughout the year, so you can give yourself a goal.

Let’s rewind a little. You might wonder why you’re reading my words on the Creditfix blog right now. Here’s a bit of history for you…

Not long ago I, like so, so many people (more than we really know) got myself into a situation where my bills were bigger than my income. Just the basic day to day bills. Nothing fancy. Work was not as regular as usual, yet the cost of living was. Luckily I didn’t have hairdressing fees to pay. Every cloud and all that!

After hiding the bills and avoiding phone calls for far too long, I realised it perhaps wasn’t the most sensible solution. Of course, you guessed it, the bills got larger and I needed a bigger bed to hide the red envelopes underneath. I couldn’t walk past the bailiffs with my comedy disguise beard on any longer before they caught on.

Eventually, I was declared bankrupt, which I thought that was the end of everything. Then I met Creditfix and my life started all over again.

I suffer with Bi Polar and it makes stressful situations like coping with bills, among many things, very difficult for me to get my head around. Creditfix have selected the Mental Health Foundation as their charity of the year, so they know how certain situations affect different people in different ways. That is what makes them so important to me; they don’t judge me, they listen and help. They can do the same for you if you need them to.

The moral of my story is, debt can happen to anyone. It is nothing to be ashamed of and Creditfix were, and still are, there to hold my hand. They are there for you too and I want to spread this message, which is why I am now an ambassador for them, leading to my new regular blog here. I hope my posts give you something to smile about!

If you want to talk more about your experiences, I always love a tweet, so feel free to say hi. I came up with the amazing twitter name of @gailporter – good eh?!

And remember, there is always someone to talk to. No problem is ever too big.


Much love

Gail Porter


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