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Prime Minister announces 4-step ‘roadmap’ out of lockdown for England


The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, yesterday announced a 4-step roadmap out of lockdown for the population of England.

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All roads lead to June 21st 2021 when, all things being well, there will be a lifting of all restrictions in England and life is expected to get back to normal. This includes pubs, restaurants, and nightclubs being open with no need for social distancing.

The Prime Minister said he hoped the plan would be “cautious but irreversible”, meaning that if everything went according to plan, there would be no need to go back into lockdown.

The four steps on the road out of lockdown are as follows:

Step 1.1 – March 8th
– Schools open
– Outdoor sports allowed after school
– Maximum of two people allowed to socialise outdoors together
– Care home residents allowed to name one regular visitor

Step 1.2 – March 29th
– Six people (two households) can socialise together outdoors
– Organised sports allowed, outdoor facilities reopen
– People allowed to travel outside their local area

Step 2 – April 12th
– Non-essential retail, hair and beauty can reopen
– Pubs and restaurants can reopen for outdoor service
– Gyms and indoor leisure facilities can reopen for personal use (no classes)
– Self-contained holiday homes can reopen

Step 3 – May 17th
– Indoor hospitality and hotels reopen
– Most social distancing rules lifted for outdoor socialising
– Six people (two households) can meet indoors

Step 4 – June 21st
– Planned reopening of all remaining sectors of the economy
– Nightclubs to reopen, big weddings able to go ahead
– All legal limits to social contact lifted

The Prime Minister was careful to say each of the dates given were the earliest possible dates for the easing of certain lockdown restrictions. He went on to say that none of the proposed dates were set in stone, and that decisions would be led by the science.

Chief Scientific Adviser Chris Witty confirmed that it would take around 4 weeks for the Government to gather the data needed to determine whether each new stage has gone ahead as expected, which is why they were taking a cautious, staggered approach out of lockdown.

The continuing progress of the four step plan will rely on plans for the easing of restrictions later today, Northern Ireland are looking to review their restrictions on Monday, and there’s talk that Wales’ stay at home order could be lifted in three weeks’ time.

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