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How to save money this summer but still live your life and have fun

Summer is here and it is a time which many people dedicate to having fun and making memories with friends and family. It is a season notorious for great indulgence. From updating your wardrobe and eating out more, to going on luxurious holidays and sending children to camps (the list could go on). However, I am sure we have all seen a negative ‘summer effect’ on our bank accounts in the past and the last thing we want is having to seek debt help which could lead to an IVA or Trust Deed after our summer soiree.

Luckily for you, saving money this summer does not mean you need to eliminate fun from your life. Instead, all that is required are small changes to your daily routine and a little bit of planning. See below for my top tips to saving money this summer whilst still having fun.

Explore your own country

Holidays these days are not simple. They usually involve costly flights and hotels, travel insurance and a lot of spending money. This year, I dare you to be different and explore your own country. Look for cheap B&Bs which offer an authentic cultural experience or better yet buy a tent and go camping and share stories, and make memories, around a campsite. You do not have to travel great distances for a holiday. Furthermore, don’t let not having a car put you off as many public transport services offer summer deals, including unlimited passes or cheap off-peak tickets.

How to save money this summer but still live your life and have fun.

Host dinner parties

Popping out for dinner or a few drinks is always so tempting when the sun is shining but this is a very easy way to spend money – especially when the average cocktail is about £10! This summer try hosting dinner parties. Plan a ‘come dine with me’ event with your friends whereby you take it in turn to host a dinner party, voting for your favourite night. For one dinner you prepare, you get a numerous amount of dinners for free in turn. Or, plan a Bring Your Own Bottle party – either make your own snacks or buy some little nibbles, turn the music up and enjoy a cheap night with your friends.

Mix up your commute

In winter, leaving your warm home in the morning and getting back to it at the end of the day is not an enjoyable journey – especially when its dark and raining. However, in summer, days are longer, brighter and warmer so take advantage of this. Cycle to work a couple of days a week or if you use public transport, try getting off a few stops earlier than normal. You will pay for a cheaper ticket whilst also improving your fitness! Enjoy your commute, take advantage of the nice weather whilst also saving some money.

How to save money this summer but still live your life and have fun.

Keep an eye out for free entertainment

Believe it or not but some things in life are free – you just need to find them! The majority of cities will have numerous cultural and entertainment events this summer which are completely free. Go on to your home cities official website and look for a ‘whats on’ link. You should find a list of events for the next couple of months including film festivals and local museum admissions. Its a great way to get out with your friends and family without spending a penny.

Keep the fridges stocked

Summer involves consuming many tasty snacks and refreshing drinks. Save money on cans of juice and bottled water by purchasing a few reusable plastic or glass bottles which you can buy from many home department stores. Fill the bottles with tap water or homemade lemonade and keep them in the fridge to ensure that there is always a refreshingly cool drink available. Another suggestion is to make your own ice lollies, hummus or even crackers. There are numerous recipes online which are both free and simple. A cheap, fun activity you and your family or friends could do together.

 Manage utilities smartly

There are many ways to save money around your house with minimal effort. Firstly, turn down your water temperature on your boiler. While in winter a roasting hot shower is just what you need in summer it is not. Secondly, turn of electric devices which are barely getting used such as the kettle, microwave and video game consoles as it has been scientifically shown that such devices use small amounts of electricity even when on standby.

Cancel that unused gym membership

If you are like me and you purchased a gym membership in winter thinking – ‘this is it – the new me!’ but have not used your membership regularly (1 or 2 times a week doesn’t count) then cancel it. Enjoy the longer days and nicer weather by going on long walks or runs. You could even do some circuit training in your back garden or local park. You do not need to spend money to get fit indoors, especially when the weather is nice outside. If you do not want to cancel your membership, find out if you can suspend it for the summer months.


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