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The Joy Of Helping

Hi all! I hope you’ve all managed to keep warm after the weather we’ve just had.

I’m back in Glasgow as I write this, doing a few recordings for Creditfix that you’ll be able to hear soon. This time, the trains are all running as normal, thank goodness.

With all this bad weather, charity and helping others has definitely been on my mind recently. It’s been awful seeing homeless people have to deal with these conditions. It’s always sad to see anyone on the street but in these freezing conditions, it is even more life-threatening.

If you do see anyone suffering you can contact Streetlink or Shelter online, or can tweet them at @Tell_Streetlink – they have volunteers that go out every evening in awful weather and can offer homeless people a bed for the night.

There is help out there.

Thinking forward to summer, my daughter and I have just signed up to do The Colour Run in Wembley Park on the 8th of July. We’ve both run it once before in Brighton, and this time we’ll be running 5km in aid of the NSPCC.

If you have never done it, you must look into it. It’s called the happiest race on the planet, and it really is!

There’s lots of dressing up, music and coloured powder sprayed on you at various points of the run. At the end of the run there are DJs, lots of smiling faces and we all get packets of coloured powder to throw over each other too. It’s a great race for great causes.

I must admit, we did get a few odd looks as we got on the train after the last one. We were multi coloured and wearing tutus. It’s all good when you’re with everyone that took part, but funny when you’re on the bus on the way home on your own!

Also, the Kilt Walk is coming up soon, starting in Glasgow in April and ending in Aberdeen on the 3rd of June. I’ve never done it before but my kilt is at the ready and I’m booking my place. Head to if you fancy joining me.

Often, signing up to races like this are free, or involve just a small fee, and getting involved like this is a wonderful way to feel good while doing something great for others!

Thinking forwards, next week is already looking exciting and I’m off to take part in an experience called Locked in a room at ExCeL London as part of a podcast I’m recording. You get locked in a room for up to 60 minutes using a series of cryptic clues, puzzles and tests in a race against time to get out as fast as you can. Sounds all very ‘Crystal Maze’ to me. I’ll let you know how I get on, if I escape!

The podcast is called ‘Distraction Pieces with Chris and Stu’. You must have a listen.  Scroobius Pip is coming along too – he also has an amazing Distraction Pieces podcast. It

should be an interesting and fun evening, that’s for sure!

Anyhoo, have a great week and I look forward to chatting soon.

Love, Gail x


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