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Weddings costing guests on average £400 to attend


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It’s a well-known fact that weddings are expensive, with the average cost coming in at over £32,000.

But it’s not just the happy couple that will feel a strain on their purse strings, thousands of wedding guests ending up in debt each year just to watch their friends or loved ones tie the knot.

From the perfect outfit to your hotel room, guests will be forced to spend an average of nearly £400 per wedding, which often leaves people to turn to their credit cards or a loan just to cover the costs.

Not to mention the hen or stag dos. According to a survey ran by Santander, people will spend an average of £114 before the big day has even arrived.

So, why do we fork out all this cash?

For some it’s the fear of judgement for not going, others simply don’t want to upset anyone or rock the boat.

A happy ending for everyone

Attending your friends or family’s weddings doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. We’ve compiled some top tips to help make sure your finances can have a happy ending too.

1. Early preparations

Most couples plan their weddings at least a year in advance, even more so if they plan to get married abroad. If you’re close to either the bride or groom, find out the details early on. That way, if they’re planning an Italian beach wedding or in the middle of Central Park, you can start saving before the save the dates have even been posted.

2. Be an outfit repeater

Most people always feel they need to buy a new outfit for every wedding, and there can be different dress codes depending on where each one take place.  The bridesmaids may have to wear what they’re told, but you don’t. Repeating an outfit you’ve already worn doesn’t have to be a fashion faux pas. Pick something that’s neutral and switch it up with different accessories, if guys can wear the same suit a hundred times, why can’t you repeat a dress.

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3. Get a group gift

There’s a lot of pressure when it comes to buying a wedding present. There seems to be a stigma around what is deemed an acceptable gift and many of us find it difficult to find the perfect item without their budget being stretched. You may find you can get a high-end present without breaking the bank if you join forces with other guests for a gift.

4. Shop around for hen/stag do deals

Organising a hen or stag do can be expensive, we all want the bride or groom to be to have the best experience and celebrate the end of their singledom in the best way. Shop around for deals on restaurants, days out or mini-breaks on discount websites such as Wowcher, Groupon or – just remember to always check the small print.

5. Seasonal savings

If you have a lot of weddings sitting in your calendar for the future, it’s important to look at the big picture. All the little things can add up without you even realizing and lead to you being hit with a large bill later on. Create a wedding category within your budget and set aside some of your savings each month towards a wedding fund. This will give you a little assurance that you won’t be caught short when wedding season strikes.

6. It’s okay to say no

None of us want to RSVP no to a wedding invite, but if you feel you cannot afford to attend every one you’re asked to attend, it’s okay. If saying yes is going to lead to a lot of financial stress, don’t go. You’ll likely find they will be okay with it and may even offer a work-around to help make it more affordable for you. It’s also an idea to pass on the weddings of those that you don’t really know or aren’t that close to in order to free up some cash for the ones you really want to attend.

7. Do it yourself

This one’s for the ladies. Many of us like to get glammed up to go to a wedding – you don’t want to get caught by the photographer not looking your best. One of the best ways to spend money as a wedding guest is to skip the professional hair and make up and do it yourself. You’ll still look fabulous and your bank balance will thank you for it.

If your finances have been hit hard by wedding season, call us today on 0808 2234 102 for some free and confidential advice.

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