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Budget Calculator

Understanding your budget is the first and most important step to managing your finances.

It might seem like a big task, but our handy budgeting tool makes keeping track of your spending simple.

Having a clear picture of your monthly budget makes it easier to manage your money and plan for the future.

You can also find information about how a debt solution could help you better manage your monthly budget - including reducing your monthly payments to one affordable amount - in our debt solutions guide.

Debt relief in just four simple steps.

We make things as easy as possible for you.

Step 1

Get Started

Use our easy online debt assistant to see how much debt you could write off

Step 2

Speak to a Debt Expert

Talk through all your options with one of our fully trained debt specialists

Step 3

Choose your Plan

Select the right plan for you, based on your circumstances and the advice given to you

Step 4

Feel like you again

Focus on enjoying life, safe in the knowledge that you’re on the road to being debt free

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