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With plans to get married and a date in the diary, things were looking good for 34-year-old, teacher, Aimee from Greater Manchester. In March 2015, through no fault of her own Aimee was evicted from her family home, which is when financial troubles began.

Aimee then fell pregnant which is where her money troubles went from bad to worse, the maternity pay she received from the PRU (Pupil Referral Unit) and the Local Education Authority where she was teaching Maths and English, only covered six-months, rather than seven.

“The pay wasn’t enough to help with the cost of living. I struggled to pay bills and feed both myself and my unborn child. I was borrowing money from friends, family and seeking help in the form of payday loans and short-term solutions.

“As a teacher at a Pupil Referral Unit, I help struggling kids that find school tough receive an education. I work tirelessly each day and give it my all. I think the Local Education Authority should have been there for me, with pay that was consistent rather than decreasing over the maternity period.”

Prior to her pregnancy, Aimee never struggled to afford bills, food and small luxuries, but after almost four years in debt, and around £20,000 owed it was time to seek some help.

“I saw and advert for Creditfix on Facebook and I decided enough was enough, I contacted them to help. I can now sleep at night and I don’t have the constant fear about paying my bills and feeding my three children.”

Aimee is still a teacher in Greater Manchester and is getting support for her financial troubles with an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) from Creditfix.

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