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Margaret, 33

Having worked in the catering sector for over 12 years, Margaret, 33, a happily married working mother from Wishaw, was financially stable and had even accrued £5,000 in savings. Not only did she pay the bills on time with help from her husband’s income, there was still a little left over each month to buy treats for her three children.

However, after a dramatic change to her family circumstances, her financial luck took a turn for the worst.

“When my husband became seriously ill, he was diagnosed with kidney disease in 2011, and ended up on a dialysis machine. He was left unable to work, so I had no choice but to be financially responsible for our family. The money I earned didn’t cover our outgoings, including taking care of our children or the hospital visits, so £12,000 worth of debt accumulated over four years.”

The combination of borrowings from a variety of credit cards, loans, home catalogues and overdrafts meant that Margaret’s mental health was also at risk as the toil of day-to-day life was endured with anti-depressants and anxiety medication.

“I was at a real low point at home one day, but then I answered a call from Ben at Creditfix, who thankfully made me feel like I wasn’t alone. He talked me through a range of solutions for our family’s debt, and explained the whole repayment process.

“This sort of thing can happen to anyone. A single event can cause consequences I never could have dreamed off, but the arrangement has been an absolute life-saver, and has really made a difference to our financial situation. But even though there’s money advice available, I still feels it’s a taboo subject – I just hate to think that if I hadn’t answered the phone that day, we would still be in the same situation.”

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