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Paul, 47

Paul, 47, from Northern Ireland, is a primary school teacher and has been since 1994. With himself and his partner in work, he was financially stable, with enough money to spend and save.

Over time, unavoidable family expenses such as childcare started to make managing money difficult. Even more so after the death of his father-in-law, resulting in his mother-in-law moving in and the increased associated costs with an extra mouth to feed.

The collapse of the banks following the financial crash added to this strain; living in Northern Ireland, he was also affected by the weakening pound after the Brexit referendum, pushing up prices in his local area. Soon, he relied on personal loans, pay day loads and multiple credit cards to stay afloat, putting stress on himself and creating tension between him and his family.

He had £20,000 of debt when he approached Creditfix, but is now on his way to tackling his finances.

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