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Vickie, 33

Vicki, a salon manager from Middlesex, found herself in a vicious cycle of debt – to the point where she was even paying her monthly rent on a credit card.

“It all started with my back problems. Every three years the pain would flare up and I’d have to take time off work to go to physio and osteopathy sessions.

“Then, I met my now-fiancé who has two children. Looking after them every weekend soon meant my one-bed flat wasn’t big enough, so we moved to a two-bed place instead – which meant a huge increase in the all round cost of living.

“At one point, I was paying over £850 a month on credit card debts – which was just completely unsustainable. I would rely on credit for absolutely everything, I couldn’t save a penny and it was incredibly stressful. I just couldn’t see beyond month to month.

“There is no money advice given out in schools about banks and credit. Everyone thinks debt is bad and saving is good, but what is the real impact of money troubles on people’s lives?”

With a debt of £20,000, Vicki approached the Money Advice Service, who suggested she contact Creditfix.

“When you’re in that position of owing so much, you think any help is too good to be true. But the truth is that my life has been completely transformed.”

After taking out an IVA in August 2016, Vicki got engaged almost a year later, and is now finally able to look forward.

“I can actually plan to save for a wedding now – getting a handle on my debts changed my life!”

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