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New Charity Partner

Creditfix are delighted to announce the Mental Health Foundation as our charity of the year for 2017/18!

In late 2016, we carried out a survey with our customer base to find out a bit more about the main reasons they were suffering with debt and what effect this was having on them. 86% told us that debt their debt had impacted their mental health. With one in six people showing symptoms of a common mental health problem in any given week, the work the Foundation carry out is extremely important.

Steve Allison, who is leading the new Creditfix Charity Committee, commented, “We’re delighted the Mental Health Foundation have agreed to come on board as our charity of the year. With debts having a direct impact on so many people’s mental health, we feel we have a responsibility to offer all the support we can.

As the UK’s Largest Personal Insolvency Services Provider with over 50,000 clients, we’re in a privileged position whereby we can introduce thousands of people to fantastic mental health support that they previously may not have been aware of.”

Thanks to the efforts of our staff, we have already raised over £3,000 for the charity over the past few months. For the remainder of 2017 and into 2018, we’ll be working closely with the Mental Health Foundation to not only raise a substantial amount of money for them, but to utilise their expertise in supporting those suffering from mental health issues within our own customer base.

Chris O’Sullivan from the Mental Health Foundation added, “We’re delighted that Creditfix have chosen us as their charity of the year. Every cake sale and challenge helps us to reach more people, and change more lives. The evidence tells us that debt is both a cause, and an effect of poor mental health, so it’s especially exciting that Creditfix have picked this cause to focus on. We are looking forward to cheering staff on in their fundraising endeavours, and working with colleagues in the business to see where Mental Health Foundation’s expertise can assist the business to look after the wellbeing of their clients”

You can find out more about The Mental Health Foundation on their website,