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As COVID-19 (coronavirus) increasingly impacts the UK, you may have concerns about how the virus could affect your finances. Here we will bring the latest news and advice to offer peace of mind.

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We are taking the matter of COVID-19 very seriously and continuing to monitor the situation closely. It is business as usual with regards to all of our services and policies, however, please be assured we are continually following the latest government advice.

As with all payment break requests, we require documentation to support your claim. You will be asked to send up-to-date information, documents and evidence which highlight your need for a break in payments. Requests are managed on a case by case basis.

If you need to self-isolate, we recommend you follow the advice of the government and your employer to ensure your safety. We would ask that clients inform us as soon as possible if self-isolation will have an impact on your ability to make your regular payment.

If you work in a job where you do not receive full sick pay you could rely on statutory sick pay (SSP).

Chancellor Rishi Sunak advised that SSP would be paid to anyone told to isolate, even if they don’t display any symptoms. You can also claim from the first day away from work, instead of waiting until the fourth as has typically been the case.

We will implement our change in circumstances policy for any clients in this situation. As per our policy we will look for documentation regarding the change in writing and conduct an income and expenditure to review your situation and make an informed decision to help support you as much as possible.

If a self-employed person is accessing any of the above to keep their business running through the COVID-19 crisis, then this will be permitted by the supervisor (as a sanction is required to take on additional credit) and these funds would not be classed as additional income or an asset of the arrangement.


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