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Exclusive interview with Gail Porter

Creditfix ambassador Gail Porter recently sat with Alison Walker for an in-depth interview on various aspects of her life. In this exclusive video, Gail discusses her battles with bi-polar and alopecia as well as her personal struggle with her finances.

Gail hopes that her story will inspire others who may find themselves in difficult situations feel confident enough to open up and seek help.

You can watch the full video below:

“I used to put my bills under the bed and pay whatever I could. A really big moment for me was when I got a phone call from a bailiff. I knew I owed money but I don’t have credit cards and I’m not a big spender, it was just a case of my bills getting out of control.

At the time, I was struggling to get work and I’d even said to a few friends, I’ll come and work in your office and they laughed it off but I was serious. At this point, I was desperate and just wanted to started earning money.

One of the worst things was that each time I couldn’t pay a bill, they’d add on a fee. I used to think, well if I can’t afford the first bill, how am I supposed to pay a more expensive one?

It’s definitely something that should be taught more in schools. When I left school, I didn’t have a clue about finances. My first job was in B&Q and I used to get paid and spend my entire wage without even thinking about spending or bills. It just wasn’t something I’d ever been taught about.

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