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Gail Porter – Ambassador Update

In March 2017, Creditfix announced TV personality Gail Porter as our new brand ambassador. It is common knowledge that Gail recently had problems with her finances and was declared bankrupt in early 2017. We felt Gail was in a perfect position to share her experiences in order to prevent others from falling in to the same trap.

It’s been great so far. I’ve had people reaching out to me on social media and I’m now in a position where I can actually help them.

Since joining with us in March, Gail has supported us in many ways and she has helped numerous people with their debts. Thanks to Gail’s inspiring story, over 600 people have decided to contact us through social media for help with their debts rather than suffer alone.

We caught up with Gail recently to discuss her ambassador work so far.

As we progress through 2017, with Gail’s help, we hope to change the lives of even more people all over the UK who are having problems with debt.

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