Creditor Hassle

Reminder: a debt collector is not a bailiff


A debt collector is not the same as a bailiff. They have no powers of office.


Differences between a debt collector and a bailiff


  • Debt collectors can’t remove your property
  • Debt collectors aren’t permitted to clamp your vehicle
  • Debt collectors aren’t allowed to force entry into your home and must leave when asked if you do allow them in
  • Debt collectors are employed by individual creditors, rather than county or magistrate courts
  • Debt collectors can’t photograph or document your belongings
  • Debt collectors have no legal authority
  • It is illegal for a debt collector to pretend or imply to be a bailiff or sheriff court officer


However, debt collectors are allowed to do a variety of things such as:


  • Visit you at your home
  • Ask you to make a payment to them or the organisation, company or individual they are representing
  • Speak to you directly with regards to your debts in order to attempt to set up a payment arrangement scheme


If you want to make a complaint about a debt collector you can do this through the Financial Ombudsman Service.


How to avoid hassle from debt collectors


A debt collector is acting on behalf of an original creditor, therefore it’s best to tell the creditor about your arrangement with Creditfix.


Once a financial arrangement is approved and started debt collectors must cease all action on behalf of the original creditor. They are no longer allowed to contact you and all correspondence of this type will be channelled through Creditfix.


If it persists please make our customer service team aware who will be more than happy to deal with any queries in regards to such matters.

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