Debt Help & Advice

At Creditfix we have over 70 years’ experience between our Insolvency Practitioners and we understand the impact debt can have not only on you, but also your family, friends and loved ones. We recognise how stressful being in debt can be and how it can make you feel.

That’s why you can be sure that our advisors will be friendly and polite when you get in touch with us and most importantly we will never judge.

Having helped over 52,000 people over the last 10 years we know how important it is to be getting the right solution for your circumstances in over to get the help & advice you need for your debts.  Finances can be confusing at the best of times and as such our advisors are on hand to answer any questions you ask and provide you with free impartial debt help and advice.

We know that everyone’s situation is different that’s why we don’t use a one solution fits all method. By looking at your circumstances we will tailor our service to fit your situation.  One of the advantages of working with Creditfix is that with our wealth of experience and size we work with your creditors on a daily basis so we know what they will and won’t accept.

From this you can be sure that if we work with you on your case we will always attempt to get the best outcome for you. With your permission our staff will look into your situation by doing an income and expenditure to find out what you can reasonably afford to pay back.

Debt help & advice – What we offer

At Creditfix we offer some of the available financial arrangements such as an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) and a Protected Trust Deed (Scotland only). With these arrangements we work with your creditors to establish what you can afford to pay each month rather than the full amount. These are 5 & 4 years long respectively and as long as you make your monthly payment at the end of the arrangement all of your remaining unsecured debts will be written off. The amount written off can be as much as 85% of your debts.

One thing to remember is that all of our debt advice is always free and confidential. You can be sure that when you work with us and discuss your situation with an advisor that it is taken with the upmost confidentiality and importance.

I need debt help now, what can I do ?

If you are struggling with debts and don’t know what to do simply fill out the form above and one of our advisors will be in touch to talk through your situation with you. If you are facing financial problems and dealing with creditor hassle give one of our advisors a call on 0808 253 3436 and we can give you free debt help and advice immediately.

Do you have unmanageable debt? Call today and find out how we can help.