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Customer Stories.

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Here, we celebrate some of our customers who’ve made the journey out of debt and changed their lives for the better. Read their success stories and find out how just far they’ve come since they first contacted Creditfix.

It was literally the best decision of my life, and it has actually changed my life, cheesy as that sounds, it has changed my life.


Read Paige's story

"Being able to control one payment is fantastic"

Read Mario's Story

"Don't be too proud to ask for help"

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"I won’t let my son be cold or go hungry"

Read Sandra's Story

"I thought my children needed the best of everything – but they just need to be warm and loved"

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"My life’s changed so much because I don’t have people harassing me for money, I don’t have bailiffs contacting me, I don’t really get letters through the door and the phone calls have stopped."

Read Natasha's Story

"I can buy food and choose the food I’d like to eat, you know, instead of beans on toast. My personal life has benefited as a result of that, as well."

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