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You may have recently been sent an email or text regarding the completion of your annual review. If your not sure what this means don’t worry we are here to help.

When it is time to complete your annual review you will be sent a link by text and email to do so. If you are unsure of what the process entails watch the video below explaining how to complete the process and some Frequently Asked Questions. Please not that an Annual Review is part of the terms of your arrangement and failure to do so could result in the failure of your plan.

Watch the video below to find out how to complete your annual review online.



Frequently asked questions regarding completing your annual review online.

Please note that at no time will we see your login information and your bank account transaction are viewed only by authorised Creditfix staff members for the purpose of completing your annual review.

Creditfix staff will at no time be able to see your username or password and will be able to only see your bank statements as our staff would had you posted your annual review.

Creditfix has been working closely with Castlight Financial, in order to offer individuals access to one of the latest tools for getting to grips with their finances. Castlight’s Affordability Passport was created with the goal of allowing people a greater insight into their finances than ever before. The technology has been used to improve our annual review process, and helps to form a clearer picture of how you are affording your plan.

Your supervisor has a duty to review your income and expenditure on an annual basis, as per the terms of your arrangement. Previously, a document would have been issued by post which you had to complete and return. We have introduced this new process to make the annual review easier for our clients and to provide us with more accurate information relating to your current financial position.

Castlight Financial are an award-winning financial technology company, whose developments have been deployed worldwide. The Glasgow-based business provides technological tools for better understanding and supporting people’s financial health. FCA number 649029

It is a review of your income and expenditure which will be compared to your last review or the initial income and expenditure prepared at the start of your IVA. This review will take account of any changes in your financial position, for example, a salary increase or increase in household expenditure. Your monthly contribution may be adjusted to take account of changes to your income and/or expenditure.

Castlight Financial’s Affordability Passport is an online tool, designed to provide Creditfix and our customers with a better insight into their financial situations, to allow better and more informed decisions. The Affordability Passport allows users to log in to all of their bank accounts, just as they would whilst using an internet browser- account details are then shared with Creditfix. The details shared include income and outgoings, and the software also analyses how money is being spent by sorting expenditure into 260 different categories, to allow a highly accurate breakdown of spending patterns- this whole process takes only a few minutes. By gaining a clearer understanding of an individual’s situation, Creditfix are better equipped to work together to improve financial outlooks.

The Affordability Passport operates on a platform which is supplied by a Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated company FCA number 649029. This means that the tool must ensure that data is kept safe and secure. The login process for Castlight’s Affordability Passport is already being used securely by 58 million people across the globe. In fact, logging into accounts using the Affordability Passport is actually more secure than typical online banking.

Castlight does not store any of the information which it processes when creating an Affordability Passport- it is automatically deleted from the system, and cannot be reused. To ensure that customers’ information is protected as much as possible.

A number of banks world-wide are already taking advantage of Castlight’s software, and more are likely to follow. From January 2018, a new government directive will encourage banks to work more closely with financial technology services, allowing customers a more open and clear account of their finances.

If you have any further questions regarding this process please contact our Annual Review team on 0141 218 4334 or at

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