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Personal Debt Index

The Personal Debt Index compiles data over time and location ranges to show factors such as the average debt levels ...

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Falling Living Standards, Unexpected Bill and Rising Living Costs

Falling living standards, unexpected bills and rising living costs are quickly becoming the stuff of nightmares for many UK consumers. These were the ...

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Up to a Third of Millennials will never own a Home – What can be done to buck the Trend?

A new study released today by the Resolution Foundation predicts that as many as one in three UK adults born between 1980 and 1996 will ...

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Gender Pay Gap Update

The 5th of April 2018 marked the deadline for large companies to publish their mean and median gender pay gaps. This new ...

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Does it Pay to Repay Your Debts?

In normal circumstances, the answer to that question is yes: people not only have a legal duty to repay their debts, but also ...

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The Joy Of Helping

Hi all! I hope you’ve all managed to keep warm after the weather we’ve just had.I'm back in Glasgow as ...

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Growth in Credit Card Debt Level Reaches 12 Year High

The trade association, UK Finance, reported yesterday that credit card use continues to soar as other forms of borrowing decrease in popularity. The ...

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Dealing With Creditors Yourself Is It Possible?

Can people self-negotiate with their creditors to repay their debts?  Recent research by Bristol University’s Personal Finance Research Centre (PFRC) suggest it ...

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The Spring Statement: a Breakdown

The, Chancellor Philip Hammond, gave the annual Spring Statement today, announcing how the UK economy is faring, and how we can expect it ...

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