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Living with debt isn’t easy, especially if you’re raising a young family.

However, mum-of-three Natasha found herself doing exactly that after she found herself out of work and struggling with anxiety.

As bills built up around her Natasha found herself feeling alone, struggling to make ends meet and with nowhere to turn.

“There was just a constant stress, really. I was struggling having three children, being on my own and I was finding it difficult to cope, my anxiety was bad, my depression was just getting worse,” she revealed.

“I didn’t really realise, at the time, the amount of debt that I had, and it was a number of things from energy suppliers and catalogues and things like that.”

Natasha found herself struggling to afford to do everyday tasks, which meant she often had no choice but to turn to others to help her get by, especially as she had her children to think about.

She continued:  “Having no money… it was just so difficult having to arrange things like a birthday party for my kids – I had to ask my dad to borrow money, just asking anybody I could.

“Having a low amount of money to budget was really difficult, you have to cut all your expenses right back. You know, you don’t feel like you can provide your children with the things that they deserve and it’s a horrible situation to be in.”

However, when Natasha spotted a Creditfix advert she decided enough was enough and that the time had come to get help.

She added: “I saw an advert for Creditfix on Facebook and I just realised to myself, after the amount of letters and things that there were, that I did have a bit of a problem so I decided to contact them, which was really easy to do.”

Now Natasha has fund support she is living her life without worrying about her debts and is focusing on her children with the knowledge what she owes is being taken care of.

“My life’s changed so much because I don’t have people harassing me for money, I don’t have bailiffs contacting me, I don’t really get letters through the door and the phone calls have stopped,” Natasha said.

“I would definitely recommend Creditfix, because they are such a good company. They’re so easy to talk to, they’re so understanding, they take care of all of the legal problems and paperwork and things like that for you and they’re really good at acting on your behalf.

“Now, I’m not afraid to tell people that I have been in debt, all my stress seems to be relieved and I just seem to have less problems in general and be a lot happier.”

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