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Trust Deed Discharge Process


Trust Deed Discharge Process

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Once your Scottish Trust Deed is approved, and becomes ‘protected’, and you pay affordable monthly payments for around four years. As well as this, there may be other conditions, most crucially you may have to release equity on your home, car or other assets. After all the conditions and the term limit has been reached, the discharge process begins.

The discharge process can take approximately a month. During this time, your Trust Deed is ended, and your debts should change to being ‘satisfied’. If the discharge process is taking longer than a month, then you should contact your Trustee or your Trust Deed provider.

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You may need to contact your creditors if your debts are not listed as ‘satisfied’ as they may have forgotten to update your credit file. It is important that you make sure everything is up to date.

It can take up to another two years before the Trust Deed is removed from your credit file. This might make it difficult to take out further credit. However, following your Trust Deed, it might not be the best idea to instantly take out further credit unless it is entirely necessary.

The Next Steps

Following your experience with a Trust Deed, you have had plenty of experience living successfully with a budget. But, don’t let this slide now that you might have more expendable income to use. It is important to save to make sure that a future financial emergency doesn’t put you back into serious debt.

Generally, the advice is to save six months expenses save for financial emergencies, such as unemployment and unexpected costs. Other than this, there are a huge variety of financial goals you might save for, such as a deposit for a house, or your pension.

The other goal that you should focus on is rebuilding your credit score. This will be easier once the Trust Deed has been removed from your credit file. There are many things can help you to improve your credit score:

  • If you need to apply for a credit card, make sure it as low interest as possible
  • Use that card to make small monthly payments, and then pay them off in full
  • Sign up to the electoral role
  • Avoid taking out any joint credit with anyone who has poor credit
  • Don’t apply for lots of credit all at once
Check if you qualify for a Trust Deed