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Personal debt index

As the UK’s largest personal insolvency practice we are best placed to conduct and present research into the levels of personal debt around the UK.

Personal Debt Index

The Personal Debt Index is compiled by using data from over 53,000 people across the UK who have received help with their finances through an IVA or Trust Deed with Creditfix. The Personal Debt Index will show factors such as the average debt levels, wages, home ownership & many other criteria. At present the data available is limited from 2007 – 31st of March 2017 and only to certain cities.

A guide for use: To use the Personal Debt Index , simply select your chosen city, start date, closing date and click the Get Results button to see the breakdown of data below. Note: The example below shows Glasgow from 1st January 2017 to March 31st 2017.

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If statistics are to be used for press use, please quote Creditfix as the source of the data and if web based please include a link to the tool.