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Get Summer Savy For Your Holidays!


Get Summer Savy For Your Holidays!


You shouldn’t have to let quality time and memories with your family suffer due to a lack of budget, especially when you can get savvy with your money and take a trip for a fraction of the price. With some good planning and frugal thinking, you can enjoy a family get away, have fun and keep your finances under control at the same time! Here’s a few quick tips for you to consider before booking your holiday, and what to look out for whilst you are there.

Tips for booking your summer holiday


Often travel can be difficult to organise especially organising it on a budget. But there are many techniques that can be used to get a great deal. If holidaying in the UK, weigh up your fuel expenses against the price of a train.

Take into consideration the costs of railcards for example, the ‘16-25’ and the ‘Two Together’ card paired with booking well in advance may be a lot cheaper than the cost of petrol. If you’re travelling overseas, consider driving (if possible) and looking at discount sites, like Skyscanner ensuring that your web browser is set to incognito to prevent inflating prices. Also, consider flying to an alternative airport that isn’t the main destination, as this may be cheaper even with the extra costs on airport transfers.

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Often a hotel can be the bulk cost in holiday planning, but can you book something that’s kinder to your wallet? Hostels are a good start, and AirBnB is usually a good alternative. You can sometimes get a whole place to yourself – though this may seem a bit more expensive you will have the availability to cook your own food and save lots of money on eating out. Have you also considered house sharing/sitting? This can also be an option that’s essentially free, and will be like having a home from home.

Check your timings

Using flight comparison sites like Skyscanner or Google Flights, you have a variety of options that can help you find the best possible deal. If you aren’t fussy about where you travel, on Skyscanner you can select your departure airport travelling to ‘Everywhere’, if you then select ‘cheapest month’ or ‘whole month’ you can have a clear overview of where the cheapest places, times, and days are to travel, potentially securing yourself a huge bargain!

Get the most out of the sterling

Perhaps you just want to get away, and aren’t really fussed about where you go? If this is the case, then don’t miss the opportunity to save as much or as little as you can, a saving is a saving no matter the size. This is why if location isn’t a concern it may be worth seeing where the pound is strongest, and getting the most out of your trip!

All-inclusive vs Self-catering

This is more of a question that you have to decide before you commit to booking. If you are going to go for an all-inclusive holiday, will you be able to warrant the extra cost and get your money’s worth of food and drink at the resort?

Or would you benefit more by going self-catering and cooking for yourself in your accommodation, with ingredients from the local supermarket, though this will mean that you aren’t fully relinquished from cooking and cleaning, but if this doesn’t bother you, and you aren’t concerned about eating out when on holiday, this could be the option for you!

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Use your age

Sometimes your age can be your ticket to a big saving! If you’re over 65, you may benefit from a senior discount. This is the same for those lucky enough to still be under the age of 25. With a valid student card, or identification that shows you are studying, you could make big savings on travel, accommodation and food.

Take advantage of local knowledge

Staying in a hotel or hostel? The chances are the staff working on the reception will live in or will be from the local area. Just make a small effort to chat to them when you arrive and before you leave to explore, they will have some great local knowledge and if they like you, will be keen to help.

They can direct you to some local restaurants off the beaten path that won’t necessarily be in the busiest tourist hotspots, but will be a lot cheaper and may even give you more of an authentic feel of the place. The money saving benefits of chatting to locals are endless, they can give you tips for getting the best out of the place, getting around on a budget, and letting you in on local knowledge.

Get set for summer, in the winter?

Yes, you read that right, if you know that you’re heading away in the summer then be sure to take advantage of the sales in the winter. The colder winter months are the perfect time to purchase your summer clothes, they are usually heavily reduced, sometimes up to 70 per cent off. So, if you know where you’re heading in the summer or even have a rough idea, you could save hundreds on your clothes, and lots of stress on last minute shopping.

Set a budget… And stick to it

It sounds straight-forward and blatantly obvious, but make a holiday budget, and stick to what you’re planning to spend. Limit the cash that you take and rule out having to withdraw any more money, unless it’s an emergency. This might mean you miss out on some things, but think of the bigger picture, you’re still on holiday but it just has to be a bit more budget conscious – this doesn’t mean you can’t still have a great time!

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