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UK lockdown: Useful resources to help you manage your finances


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The Prime Minister addressed the nation last night about the rising tide of coronavirus cases, confirming that the whole of the UK will now come under some form of lockdown until at least the end of January.

While lockdown is never easy, the good news is we’ve been here before. Having gone through several rounds of lockdowns already during this pandemic, there are resources already available to help you and your family cope with the restrictions.

Whether you’re worried about how your work will be impacted, whether you’re entitled to sick pay, or how lockdown might affect your benefits, below are some of the most useful resources available in the
Creditfix Coronavirus Hub.

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Now that the furlough scheme (or Job Retention Scheme) will be extended until the end of April 2021, here’s an article explaining what furlough is, who qualifies, and what it means for your employment.

Coronavirus: Furlough and your employment explained

Sick pay

With cases on the rise, many people are wondering how they will earn should they be laid up with coronavirus. Here’s a reminder of how much you are entitled to under the UK’s Statutory Sick Pay (SSP), how long it lasts, and under what circumstances you’re eligible.

Coronavirus: financial help for self-isolation


Unfortunately lockdowns can often coincide with a raft of redundancies. If you’re worried about being made redundant, it helps to know your rights – this article from March runs through your redundancy rights, how much you are entitled to, and what redundancy means if you are in a formal debt repayment plan.

Coronavirus: Redundancy and your debt arrangement


During the coronavirus lockdown in March 2020 bailiff actions were paused completely. While it hasn’t been confirmed whether this will be the case for the January lockdown, this article takes you through what bailiffs can and can’t do when visiting your home during a period of heightened restrictions.

Bailiffs and coronavirus restrictions: Do’s and don’ts

What if I need help with my finances during lockdown?

As the pandemic continues to close business and impact industries, people are worried about losing their jobs and are struggling to manage their finances like never before.

We can help. Creditfix is the UK’s biggest provider of formal debt solutions, and has been supporting people with money worries throughout the pandemic.

If you need help making your money go further, want to know more about the help available during the pandemic, or just need someone to talk to about your finances, talk to one of our friendly advisers today on 0808 253 5687.

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